Nov 13, 2006 at 05:25 pm by staff

Any member who is interested in serving on a committee, please feel free to contact the committee chairman or TAPS office.

Standing Committees

Ethics- Gary Clark, Chairman 865-254-4407

Standards Of Practice- Jimmy Cleveland, Chairman-901-674-0065

Membership- Andrew Stokes, Chairman 731-986-5035 All Chapter Presidents

Legislative- Jay Caughman, Chairman 901-261-4710 Benny Moorman, PAC Chairman 865-692-4090

Education-Andrew Stokes, Chairman 731-986-5035

Constitution & Bylaws- Ken Shreeve, Chairman 

Interprofessional-Ryan Beasley, Chairman 

Long Range Planning- Mario Forte, Chairman 423-624-0020 All Committee Chairmen

Historical- Bart Crattie, Chairman 423-624-5041

Conference- Mario Forte, 2020 & 2021 VP Chairman 423-624-0020

Newsletter- Lori Medley, Chairman 615-860-9311

Budget- Brennon Garrett, Secretary/Treasurer 865-809-6468 Chairman President Elect President Past President

Trig Star-VACANT


Young Surveyors-Andrew Stokes, Chairman