Current Leadership

Nov 13, 2006 at 04:27 pm by staff

Executive Committee

President -Andrew Stokes
Stokes Surveying
POB 129
Clarksburg, TN  38324


  • VP/Conference Chair 2023 - Ken Shreeve 615-814-7414
  • Secretary/Treasurer - Jimmy Cleveland 901-362-3300
  • President Elect - John Winter 865-670-8555
  • Past President -Ashley Rose-Nalin 931-454-4025
  • TN NSPS Director - Bart Crattie 423-888-6297

Directors At Large

  • East -Brian Bartlett 828-243-7280
  • Middle -Chris Goetz 615-428-0172
  • West -Mike Frye 901-761-2016
  • Out of State-Chris Billingsley 662-874-2063

 Chapter Elected Directors


  • Southwest - Jimmy Cleveland, Mark Sorsby
  • West - Henry Williams, Andrew Stokes
  • South Middle - Grant Chapman, Russell White
  • Middle - Chris Goetz, Ken Shreeve
  • Middle East- Adam Schmeing, Steve Abbott
  • Southeast - Mario Forte, Greg Middleton
  • Northeast - Bryan Sauceman, Matthew Strickler
  • Upper Cumberland - Len Tusar, Mike Stump
  • Northwest - Bret Ferguson, Tommy Young

Tennessee Board of Examiners for Land Surveyors

  • Jay Caughman  West Region  901-261-4710
  • Jackie Dillehay Middle Region  615-633-7009
  • Gary Clark East Region 865-254-4407

TAPS Ladies Auxiliary

The Ladies Auxiliary was established in 1993 with the main objective to support and promote the surveying profession. Since that time the auxiliary has strived to increase involvement of surveyors and their spouses in the TAPS organization. The auxiliary works to raise funds each year to support various surveying scholarship funds. The auxiliary also strives to provide a fun and diverse program for the ladies at the annual convention through scheduled activities. We invite you to become a member of the auxiliary and enjoy the fun and fellowship.

Auxiliary dissolved March 2010.

Reestablished March 2016.

Officers are:

Shannon Cleveland, President

Lisa Murrell, Vice President

Lynne Shepherd, Secretary Treasurer



Any member who is interested in serving on a committee, please feel free to contact the committee chairman or TAPS office.

Standing Committees

Ethics- Henry Williams, Chairman 731-925-5033

BOE Liaison- Jimmy Cleveland, Chairman-901-362-3300

Membership- Ashley Rose-Nalin Chairman 931-454-4025 All Chapter Presidents

Legislative & PAC-Benny Moorman 865-692-4090

Education-Andrew Stokes, Chairman 731-986-5035

Constitution & Bylaws- Ken Shreeve, Chairman 615-814-7414 

Interprofessional-Ryan Beasley, Chairman 

Long Range Planning- Mario Forte, Chairman 423-624-0020 All Committee Chairmen

Historical- Bart Crattie, Chairman 423-888-6297

Conference- Ken Shreeve VP Chairman 615-814-7414

Newsletter- Lori Medley, Chairman 615-860-9311

Budget- Jimmy Cleveland, Secretary/Treasurer Chairman, President Elect, President, Past President 901-362-3300

Trig Star-Charles Whittenburg, Chairman 931-526-9000

CST-Charles Whittenburg, Chairman 931-526-9000

Young Surveyors-Charles Whittenburg, Chairman 931-526-9000