Southeast Chapter

Mar 08, 2009 at 08:05 pm by staff

Area Served

The Southeast Chapter serves the surveying communities of Chattanooga, TN and surrounding counties, including north Georgia.



We meet the third Tuesday of every odd month at Wally's Restaurant in East Ridge (6521 Ringgold Road, East Ridge, TN 37412).

We usually meet at 6:00 to eat and we start the business meeting at 6:30.



Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Southeast Chapter of TAPS has felt it prudent to cancel in-person meetings…better safe than sorry. Sadly, we have not had an in-person business meeting or a social gathering since the Spring Conference, and I for one miss the comradery of the face to face interactions. We finally sat down and conducted a Zoom business meeting on August 11th, thanks in no small part to Mario Forte, who orchestrated the entire thing for us. I believe that it was the very first zoom meeting that many of us had ever taken part in, and to be honest, I was really impressed with it. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but the meeting was clear, concise, and surprisingly cohesive. I’m certain that we will all be happy to get back to our regular in-person meetings, but until we can do so safely, the zoom meetings should suffice quite nicely. During our zoom meeting, we discussed the BOD meeting from the conference, State and Chapter membership renewals, State and Chapter officer elections, new online submittal processes for Hamilton County and the City of Chattanooga, as well as the School Counselors and Administrative Leadership Conference. We have tentatively discussed holding another zoom meeting in October, but we haven’t yet set a date for it. When we do get back to normal, we will meet on the third Tuesday of every odd month at Wally’s Restaurant in East Ridge, TN for our business meetings. We gather around 6:00 for dinner and the meeting is usually called to order at 6:30. We will also hold a Social event on the third Tuesday of the even months. These social events will take place at the Pour House in Chattanooga, TN. These are some truly strange times that we find ourselves in, but as they say, necessity is the mother of invention, and I believe that we can all find ways to adjust our business models and operating procedures in order to adapt to and even thrive in this new environment.

Stay safe and prosper. Sincerely, Michael Coulliette, RLS President Southeast Chapter of TAPS 423-877-4778