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The purpose of this fund is to provide scholarships to deserving students who are Juniors or Seniors in the Surveying and Mapping Science program within the College of Business & Technology at East Tennessee State University.

An initial gift was given by the Tennessee Association of Professional Surveyors in honor of George Crouch who was a leader of surveying in Tennessee. Later, Fulton was added to the title in honor of his contributions.

The following criteria shall be considered in awarding the scholarship.
  1. The student must be enrolled full-time in the BS in Surveying & Mapping Science at ETSU or have applied and been accepted to the program as a junior.
  2. The student must have a 2.5 GPA out of 4.0 on all college work.
  3. The student must express the desire to further his/her career in some phase of the surveying profession.
  4. The student must have demonstrated a financial need for the scholarship funds.
  5. The student must have at least two semesters or a semester and a summer remaining before graduation.
In the event there are more applicants who meet the minimum criteria than scholarships available, all acceptable applications will be evaluated on the following basis:
  1. Grade Point Average -- 1/3 of criteria
  2. Financial Need -- 1/3 of criteria
  3. Statement of Goals -- 1/3 of criteria
Applications should be submitted to the Surveying & Mapping Faculty at East Tennessee State University.

Scholarships will be awarded by a committee comprised of the faculty from the Surveying and Mapping program and members of the Tennessee Association of Professional Surveyors. If an award is not made, the funds will be carried forward to be used the next year. A report of award(s) shall be made annually to the Tennessee Association of Professional Surveyors.

The award amount may vary from year to year but will be announced when the recipient is declared. Normally the funds will apply toward tuition and be split between the semesters, but if the student has another award that is expressly for the tuition, this award will be given as a check for the student to be used for other necessary expenses.

Crouch / Fulton / TAPS Scholarship
  1. This application is made for the award year starting Fall _________________
  2. Student Name: Mr. Ms. ___________________________________________
                                                (last) (first) (middle)
  3. Local address: _________________________________________________
  4. Permanent address:_____________________________________________
  5. Current approximate income (after taxes) from all sources, including grants & other scholarships? $____________________________________________
  6. Have you been awarded or will you apply for other scholarships for this same year? ( ) Yes ( ) No Amount expected $________________
  7. If yes, does this scholarship pay for tuition & fees directly? ( ) Yes ( ) No
  8. Is your tuition paid directly from other sources? (Parents, relatives, loans, etc.)? ( ) Yes ( ) No

    Present education;
    a) Total credit hours accumulated prior to January 1 of the current year (include transfer credits) _______________________________________
    b) Credit hours in Surveying major completed prior to January 1 of the current year (include transfer credits) _____________________________
    c) Classification this semester ( ) Freshman ( ) Sophomore ( ) Junior ( ) Senior
    d) Overall grade point average as of January 1 of the current year (include transfer credits) _________________________
    NOTE: Attach an official copy of your current transcripts including the current semester.
  9. Are you currently enrolled as a full-time student for the BS in Surveying & Mapping Science? ( ) Yes ( ) No
  10. Do you intend to be enrolled as a full-time student for the BS in Surveying & Mapping Science starting next Fall? ( ) Yes ( ) No
  11. How many credit hours of course work do you need to complete your degree? ______________________________
  12. What is your expected graduation date? _________________________
  13. What activities have you pursued in addition to your studies while at college?
  14.  _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________
  15. Attach a 300 word or fewer essay stating why you are pursuing an education in surveying, describe your goals and objectives in this profession, and what you feel you can contribute to the advancement of the profession.

Return this document with the essay and transcripts to Dr. Clark, P.O. Box 70552, ETSU, Johnson City, TN 37614 (Rm. 219 Wilson-Wallis Hall)
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