Student Chapter

Feb 01, 2007 at 02:20 pm by staff

Ben Patton ACSM Student Chapter President Lori, Thank you for giving the ACSM Student Chapter at ETSU this opportunity. We typically hold monthly meetings with an occasional guest speaker. Jeff Miller came to our October meeting and presented on ALTA surveys. A joint meeting with the Northeast Chapter of TAPS was held in November. Carol Hiatt was the guest speaker and spoke on insurance issues pertaining to land surveyors. The other meetings consisted of special topics concerning the students of the Surveying and Mapping Program. Officers of the Student Chapter have also held many meetings with University administration about the various concerns. The departure of Dr. Tarig Ali and Dr. Jerry Nave has put a big hole in the program, but with TAPS, the Student Chapter, and many other volunteers, this issue and others are being resolved. The Student Chapter would like to especially thank Jeff Miller, Terry Greenwell, and the Northeast Chapter for their many hours volunteered to ensure the education of the students, and the future of the program. The Student Chapter is also assisting an ETSU land surveying team in their efforts to compete in the NSPS student competition in St. Louis. It should be a great experience for the students and help to advertise the Surveying and Mapping Program. Thanks, Troy Halliburton, President ACSM Student Chapter at ETSU December 26, 2006 To: TAPS Board of Directors From: Troy Halliburton Re: ACSM Student Chapter at ETSU Update The ACSM Student Chapter at ETSU has been very busy trying to seek the needed support for the Surveying and Mapping Program. We have been in constant contact with University Administration, dealing with the adverse problems facing our program. We have also had several meetings this past semester. We have been attending the local monthly TAPS meetings. I am still very concerned for the program. I did have a positive meeting with Dr. Bach. He was under the impression that we have been receiving the needed support for the program and he is willing to do what it takes to keep the program in academic excellence. It is my belief that Dr. Garceau is the root of the problem for the funding of the program within the University. I am not saying the problem is over or it is going to be resolved. I do however feel that there is hope if we continue pushing Administration and legislation. I have scheduled another appointment with Dr. Bach on February 9th to discuss the progress being made. ETSU Surveying Newsletter